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The Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

Because we communicate so much through our eyes, eyelid surgery is one of the most powerful ways you can improve your facial appearance. There are many specialized types of eyelid surgery and just as many reasons to seek surgery, including

An Overview of Ptosis Surgery

For help with ptosis, a condition that causes a droopy or sagging appearance to the eyes, ptosis surgery can dramatically improve your appearance while addressing cosmetic concerns like asymmetry and functional issues like diminished peripheral vision. Ptosis means “fallen,” and

The Truth about Eyelid Surgery

It is almost impossible to look at a television screen—or even a computer monitor—without seeing the evidence of cosmetic and Eyelid Surgery.  Yes, we are youth obsessed.  Our celebrities are always under pressure to look as young as possible.  The

Surgical Options for Fixing Eyelid Issues

There is nothing more frustrating than a condition that affects any of the five crucial senses, sight in particular. Ptosis (pronounced TOE-sis), a drooping or falling of either the upper or lower eyelid, is a rather common condition that can

Blepharoplasty: Examining Eyelift Surgery

Blepharoplasty is one of the most common forms of cosmetic surgery. It is widely known for its popularity among the celebrity world; however, many forms of blepharoplasty are actually employed to reduce the effects of various disfigurations and defects surrounding

Correcting Ptosis of the Eyelid with Specialized Surgery

What Is Eyelid Ptosis? Eyelid ptosis is a word that literally means “fallen,” and medically speaking this term can refer to various anatomical issues. Ptosis can most easily be understood as a drooping, hanging, or sagging of the eyelid. This

What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Double eyelid surgery, also called Asian double fold surgery, is a popular kind of Asian eyelid surgery that is used to create an upper eyelid crease. This crease adds definition to the eyelid contour, can establish an eyelid platform on

An Eye Lift Surgery Overview

Eye lift surgery, also known as blepharoplasty, is the surgical removal or excess of fat and skin around the eye.  As it is generally used to make the eye area look younger, refreshed or Westernized, the procedure is sometimes called

Droopy Eyelid Problems Can be Corrected

It has been said ‘the eyes are the windows to the soul,’ but what if the view is obscured? Having a droopy eyelid can be frustrating as it can change the entire landscape of the face, making it particularly difficult