Five Ways Botox Can Help You

Botox injections, which use the botulinum neurotoxin in controlled amounts, provides many benefits when administered safely. The compound is especially popular for cosmetic uses, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, and reversing the appearance of aged skin temporarily. However, beyond filling wrinkles, Botox can do many wonders for your skin and body. Here are five important ones.

# 1 – Manage breakouts

To completely treat acne, very large amounts of Botox would be needed, which would result in constricting facial muscles. However, when used in smaller quantities, the substances controls oil production and thereby breakouts, without restricting facial expressions. Administering the injections superficially is advised if acne or oily skin is not cured with dermatologist-prescribed treatment. Since using the substance all over the face may hamper muscular activity, Botox injections as acne treatment is typically used on the forehead.

# 2 – Smoothen the neck and décolleté

As you age, the muscles around the neck begin to enlarge and protrude, creating the impression of ‘cords’ around the neck.

Additionally, these muscles that are connected to the superficial facial muscles pull forward facial features, making you look older. Botox injections are the solutions to such wrinkles, cords, etc. that show around the neck and décolleté. They can an easily be erased with treatments often referred to as a Botox Necklace. Dermatologists inject tiny amounts of the substance into the muscles above and below these wrinkles, making the skin appear smoother and younger when relaxed. In the décolleté, the injections are applied to the pectoral muscles to smooth them out. Such non-surgical procedures give you a renewed appearance but must be repeated every three to four months for a consistent, younger-looking face, neck, and décolleté.

# 3 – Control excessive sweating

Hyperhidrosis, or excessive underarm sweating, which results from genetic or medical conditions can be an embarrassing condition. The disorder is something that even extra strength antiperspirants cannot control. For those suffering from this condition, Botox is a welcome solution. The substance temporarily blocks the chemicals that activate sweat glands by preventing the message from your nerves from getting to your sweat glands. This prevents wetness from forming. Botox injections can be administered to not just the underarms but also other areas that sweat profusely such as the palms, the scalp, forehead, temples, soles of the feet, and so on. The treatment provides almost-immediate results and lasts typically for up to six months. The treatment can be life-changing for people with pathological sweating and who do not find relief from clinical-strength and prescription antiperspirants, or those who need to change clothes multiple times during the day due to excessive sweating.

# 4 – Add volume to lips

Lip fillers in NYC aren’t the only way to give your fine, lackluster lips a voluminous look. Botox injections, when used carefully, can give them an instant, plumped-up appearance. For this treatment, dermatologists inject tiny amounts of the substance along the border of the upper lip. This causes the lip to roll up and outward slightly, making it look fuller and more well-defined. The procedure is subtler than collagen injections. Also, it uses a lesser amount of Botox than what is used on the other parts of the face, and so, the procedure is less expensive.

# 5 – Relieve a chronic migraine

This is yet another non-cosmetic benefit of Botox in NYC. A debilitating headache that affects the quality of your everyday life can be eased with these injections. It is believed that the substance relaxes the muscles in the head and blocks the pain signals being sent to the brain so that you do not experience the discomfort. The treatment is typically done by injecting Botox into the forehead, temples, and the scalp. However, this is recommended only for patients who do not see improvements with traditional migraine medications. Also, the procedure comes with some downside as the relaxing action could result in frozen foreheads and dropped eyebrows. So, it is important to consider other alternatives before you resort to Botox for migraines.

Many dermatologists and cosmetic service providers in NYC offer Botox injections. If you suffer from any of the conditions mentioned above, consider availing the treatment as a solution to your troubles.

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