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How to Use a Cold Therapy Machine

Cold therapy is a type of healing remedy. It involves application of cold temperature (water or ice) to heal orthopedic injuries. When you hear ‘cold therapy’; perhaps images of using ice packs on swellings come to mind. But now there

Why You Should Trust in Group Therapy?

Everybody needs help at some point in their life. Serious help to pick themselves up from depression, sadness and whatever that is bringing them down. Most people are lucky, for help is around the corner and they are strong enough

Patient Engagement Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Patient engagement is increasingly becoming one of the foremost areas of concern for most modern healthcare providers. Thanks to the consistent rise in technical standard of healthcare and emerging high tech solutions for informing as well as engaging patients in

Improving Quality of Care Through Disease Management

Disease management programs are increasingly being in the focus because of addressing the emerging situations concerning widespread chronic health conditions like cardiovascular disease, hypertension, stroke etc. Basically by disease management programs we refer to a healthcare approach involving multiple disciplines.

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