What is Cord Blood and what is it used for?

Store Cord Blood for Future Use

Cord blood and stem cells have become commonplace words in our time, and many people are coming forward to store the same as they will be able to use it for them or family members at a later time. Nevertheless, storing these is not a simple, effortless task, and one has to find the right place to keep these safe. Where to store the cord blood depends on your intention of using. If you want to donate the same for public usage, you can choose a public cord blood bank; however, if you desire to use it only for you and your family, then you must choose a private cord blood bank. Nevertheless, doctors will check the health condition of the patient and some other relevant details before using the stem cells for the treatment.

What Is Cord Blood and What Is It Used For?

The blood gathered from the umbilical cord of the baby is termed as the cord blood, as it comes from the umbilical cord. This blood contains a rich blend of stem cells, and these cells will be useful in curing various diseases that may come to pass in one’s life at a later time. Because of this handy scientific nature, storing stem cells has become trendy in our time. It is possible to find numerous private cord blood banks, and you must go for the best private cord blood bank, which has professional management. The company must be financially sound to incorporate all the latest technological tools that will keep the stored stem cells fresh and untainted. Remember, although pricing is a significant point to consider, the prime factor that you must take into account for selecting a private cord blood bank is the reliability of the company.

In the past, no value was attached to the umbilical cord blood, and was considered useless and was discarded all at once. But, things have changed considerably in our time because of the discovery that the cord blood is a rich source of stem cells. As per today’s precise findings, stem cells, when put through various scientific processes, will be capable of curing numerous diseases, and this list includes blood and immunity illnesses, cancers, and metabolic ailments. Nevertheless, medical specialists and pharmaceutical researchers have the opinion that cord blood will be useful for treating deadly diseases such as heart problems, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, etc. These cells are of the same kind as the cells contained in the bone marrow of an adult individual. Nevertheless, there is a big difference; stem cells gathered from the cord blood will be much healthier than the other one. The reason for the same is the fresh nature of cord blood stem cells. Because of this freshness, these stem cells will have the capacity to replicate themselves, and this capacity will be there for quite a longer-period.

The components of cord blood are white blood cells, red blood cells, plasma, and platelets. The most significant matter to note is that there is a rich quantity of stem cells in it, which are superb quality-wise. These cells possess the intrinsic capacity to replicate themselves, which will be highly ideal for transplantation and for treating various diseases. Because of these reasons, it is practically advisable to store the cord blood for using it at a later time. That said, if you wish to use the stored cord blood only for you and for the close relations of your family, you must go for a private cord blood bank.

Benefits of Going For a private cord blood bank

The storage of the cord blood will be for you and your family members. The same won’t go public as in the case of a public cord blood bank. When you use the public bank, the cord blood will go as a donation and will go to the needy public or performing new researches as regards diseases and medicine. You will be able to help any of your family members when they fall sick and urgently require a stem cell transplant. During urgent cases, this help means highly valuable help. When your baby grows up, he or she can use the same for his or her need or can help the new family members.

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