Hair Loss Problem? Why not Consider PRP Treatment?

It really feels frustrating to observe the receding hairlines every time you look at your mirror, especially at your mid 40’s. Who on the earth like looking older, whereas one key element that make you look younger, adds to your personality and boasts your charisma is a thick fluffy layer of hairline. When it comes to male hairlessness, the research findings show that family history or genetics baldness is widespread while the general experience of fast hair loss among male is closely related with the diminishing male sex hormone called androgens.

The Fact File- Why to Consider PRP Hair Treatment

Do not get surprised to know that out of every three American males, two experience baldness over their 60’s and the process of which begins by their 40’s. Only from male, the industry makes more than 1 billion dollar every year to offer hair loss solutions! The female percentage is obviously low and counts around 30% of their populace.

Typically, each hair on our scalp has a lifecycle and shedding of 50 – 100 hairs every day is quite normal, however this loss doesn’t come under notice due to regular growth of fresh follicles. In almost males, at a given time, the gradually shrinking hair cycle and no fresh growth end with partial to absolute baldness. Aside from inherited hair loss, some other causes include use of anabolic steroids, thyroid condition, long-term physical and digestive ailment and more.

Why Choose PRP Hair Treatment

It is highly recommended that once you experience rapid rate of thinning hair, think of PRP hair treatment in NJ, which has earned high market approval opposed to the hair transplantation procedure. What makes PRP hair treatment so popular, let’s study:

You Look Younger Once Again

None can overlook the significance of human appearance living in 21st century when men are not even a step behind women, when it comes to beauty and style. The days are extremely hard-hitting and the worth of personal appearance matters significantly whereas thinning hair, overweight or broken teeth influence directly on one’s personality, self-confidence, and social esteem. PRP hair loss treatment in NJ is a paramount choice for you to retain or get back your younger look with dramatic change.

Absolutely Natural and Safe

Platelet Rich Plasma hair loss treatment involves introducing platelets of your own blood into the affected area of the scalp. As the protein contains of platelet diminishes the rate of hair loss it equally stimulates blood cells resulting in growth of fine hair follicles. In the half an hour medical session expert plastic surgeons at PRP hair treatment in NJ, undergo the most innovative Harvest Medical PRP procedure with local anesthetic making it purely relaxing.

No Surgery- No Hospital Stay

The key objective of hair loss treatment is improvement of cosmetic appeal, which has no relation with your health. Thanks to the medical researchers who have presented you with PRP hair loss treatment in NJ, that needs no surgery, as common in hair transplantation. With zero scarring, no hospital stay and no infection; PRP is always safe, handy, and hassle-free.

FDA Approved and Medically Proven     

PRP hair loss treatment in NJ is no publicity stunt and its proven success rate has made it astonishingly popular to new generation. Since, it entails no surgical session, you do not have to stay at home for recovery, and the following day itself, you can leave for your workplace. You will notice fresh growth of natural hair gradually and within next 3-6 months, you will get back your earlier look.

Cost Effective Long-Term Solution

Hair restoration backed by PRP is much cost effective and consistent hair loss treatment, which even don’t compel you to consume medications, applying ointment on scarring that makes the rehab approach affordable to everyone. Opposed to hair transplantation, it benefits you with a long-term solution.

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