The Best Cold Therapy Machine to Buy in 2018

Cold therapy provides relief from orthopedic pain after surgeries or injuries. It is best delivered via machines instead of dripping and messy ice packs. There are many cold therapy machines in the market today. It can be very confusing to decide on the best machine for your needs if you are thinking of buying one.

IsoComforter Cold Therapy Machine

IsoComforter is a reputed company that makes cold therapy machines. So, what makes IsoComforter cold therapy machines the best one to buy in 2018?

Use of technology –

IsoComforter cold therapy machines are designed using the patented Iso tube technology. It allows the machine to offer cold therapy benefits to the users in the most efficient manner.

The healing pads that come with the unit contain ridges for optimal contact with the skin. Cold therapy application requires a barrier between the skin and the pad that circulates water with very low temperatures over the injured site. Even with bandages over the surgical wound or injuries, the freezing temperature can harm the skin. Due to the ridges in the IsoComforter pads, the temperature for the skin is always comfortable for the users.

Safe –

Many safety features have been incorporated in the IsoComforter cold therapy machines other than the afore-mentioned technological ones. The IsoComforter machines produce no condensation, which is important to keep the surgical wounds dry. One of the big reasons why machines score over ice packs for delivering cold therapy is the absence of any risk of moisture dripping on the wounds.

There is also an option to buy non-sterile or sterile pads with the machine. Sterile pads are ideal to use for cold therapy on surgical or open wounds.

Ease of use –

IsoComforter cold therapy machines are extremely easy to use. The self-priming pump doesn’t require any mechanical efforts to get it started. You also don’t require refilling the tank with ice and water very often. Once you get it ready for use, the cold water can circulate for hours at a time. These features make it extremely easy for people to use IsoComforter machines, which is essential if you are dealing with orthopedic injuries or pain.

You can simply fill the tank with ice and water, wrap the healing pad around the affected area, and plug in the device to start using it. There is no chance of any operational problem and confusion when using IsoComforter machines.

IsoComforter machines are also portable; offering users the option to use cold therapy on the move. Its ease of use makes it possible for patients with serious injuries to use cold therapy consistently for as long as it is needed.

Targeted therapy –

IsoComforter machines are available for specific areas such as the knee, shoulders, back, and the hip. The pads are designed to completey cover the specific areas for efficient delivery of cold therapy. For example, the pads for the knees deliver cold therapy from all sides for the complete healing of the swelling and the pain.

Easy availability –

It is easy to buy IsoComforter cold therapy machines from the company’s website. But the good thing is that along with complete systems, you can also purchase individual components such as pads, wraps, different types of adapters, tank, arm/shoulder sling, and bed hooks for hospital use. In case, you lose a part, you can simply replace it by purchasing it separately from their website. You won’t need to buy an entire new machine.

In a Nutshell

The prices for various IsoComforter machines (such as shoulder or knee) may differ depending on whether you choose a sterile or a non-sterile pad to go with it. The prices can also differ depending on the fact whether you are buying a wrap or just the healing pad. Nonetheless, IsoComforter machines are quite economical to buy. Most machines are available for under $200. The machines that are over $200 are most often available at a discount, so you can check the IsoComforter website for the current prices (whenever you are buying it).

IsoComforter cold therapy machine has been designed for the ultimate safety and comfort of the user. Buying it can be an investment for your orthopedic health and well-being.

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