How to Use a Cold Therapy Machine

Cold therapy is a type of healing remedy. It involves application of cold temperature (water or ice) to heal orthopedic injuries. When you hear ‘cold therapy’; perhaps images of using ice packs on swellings come to mind. But now there is a better way to administer cold therapy with the help of machines designed for this purpose.

A cold therapy machine is a device that can enable the patients to utilize this healing remedy for maximum benefits.

Using a Cold Therapy Machine

A cold therapy machine circulates chilled or extremely cold water on the injury site through a system that consists of an ice/water tank, pump, hose, and a healing pad.

You need to fill the tank with water and ice; wrap the pad around the treatment site, and connect it to an electricity supply. As the machine begins to circulate water, you will experience relief from pain almost immediately.

Cold therapy works by numbing nerves and hampering their communication with the brain. Without nerve impulses, the blood supply to the injury site stops and the body’s natural processes begin to heal the area. The inflammation begins to subside and eventually the pain also lessens as a direct result of reduced swelling. Muscle spasms stop and the injury begins to heal.

You can use cold therapy to heal orthopedic surgical wounds and injuries. Cold therapy can speed up the body’s recovery after shoulder, knee, back, or hip surgeries. If you have a fracture, muscle soreness, or joint pain; you can use a cold therapy machine to reduce the discomfort.

It is very useful to use cold therapy after rotator cuff (special tendons in the shoulder joint) and knee replacement surgeries. Cold therapy helps the shoulder and the knee joints regain movement sooner than you can expect without it. Users can start their physical therapy and begin their rehabilitation program sooner with the help of cold therapy unit.

With speedy recovery, cold therapy helps users not rely on medicines for pain management. One of the risks after surgeries or severe injuries is that it can cause dependency on pain medicines. The dependency on pain relievers can cause a host of other health problems.

To benefit from cold therapy, you need to use it daily until your recovery. You also need to use a cold therapy machine that provides healing in the most efficient and comfortable manner. If you are not comfortable using a cold therapy machine then it is very unlikely that you are going to use the machine for long.

Buying the Right Cold Therapy Machine

It is best to buy a machine that is technically advanced but still extremely easy to use. For example, IsoComforter makes machines with patented Iso-Tube technology to offer users a comfortable and safe way to use administer cold therapy on injuries. The healing pad design contains ridges that deliver cold therapy without raising the risk of burn injuries from freezing (or almost freezing) water. You can fill the tank with ice and water, plug in the machine, and start using it without any fuss. You won’t need to deal with multiple wires or problematic adapters.

The consistent and even healing from machines is one of the reasons their use scores over cold therapy delivered through ice packs. Ice packs or frozen vegetable bags are uneven and cannot deliver cold therapy optimally over the injuries. Not to mention the dripping mess that users need to deal with when using ice packs for cold therapy.

If you repeatedly suffer from muscle soreness or spasms, it is best to buy a cold therapy machine that comes with a multipurpose healing pad. IsoComforter makes cold therapy machines specifically for shoulders, knees, and the back. But you can also purchase an IsoComforter machine with a pad that offers multiple uses.

When buying a cold therapy machine, check for ease of use so that you do not end up with a cumbersome device. A portable cold therapy machine can also be helpful if you need to travel or use it in multiple locations such as your home, the office, and even in the car.

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