Going for an Eye Exam? Here’s What to Expect?

An eye examination is a mandatory routine that you should follow at regular intervals to keep track of your eye health. Overlook such essential things in life and then suffer at a later stage, can worsen the eye problems. People have a myth that taking an eye exam in Colorado Springs just tells about your eye health but the fact is far beyond the eye health as, an optometrist can help also check other health-related issues and give proper advice and referrals of doctors to whom you can consult for your health-related issues.

Here is why you need to opt for a regular eye check-up:

1. It helps you to detect any kind of symptoms that may lead to eye disorders at an earlier stage.

2. Apart from the eye checkup it also helps in diagnosing other health issues.

3. It helps you to lead a quality life.

4. An eye check-up helps you to work and play safe.

5. Eyesight cannot be replaced, and thus it is mandatory to take proper care of your eyes and be well versed with your eye health.

6. Even the simplest eye problem should be considered seriously, and a doctor should be immediately consulted to analyze the reason for the pain or discomfort.

Here is how an optometrist start with the diagnosis

An optometrist at the very first stage enquires about the reason of visiting their clinic as to if the patient is there for a regular check-up or some specific reason that may have brought the patient to the doors of an optometrist.

Questions asked by an eye doctor-

1. If you have some eye problem symptoms, then the doctor may ask you the term since which the symptoms started showing up. The appearance of the symptoms, whether it appeared suddenly or have evolved over a long time.

2. They also ask you about any other medication that you may be undertaking due to other health issues.

3. They may also inquire about headache problems that you might be undergoing.

4. Another important question is about any eyesight problems that might have hailed due to the genes or any upper generation who might have faced vision problems.

5. They also enquire about the contact lenses or the power glasses that you might have used before and also about your daily routine and work style that you follow on an everyday basis.

Eye examination

After the completion of such questionnaire, the doctor examines the eye of the patient from inside and outside to make proper health assessment. The eye is examined using an ophthalmoscope which is inclusive of a handheld lens and a special torch used for testing the eyes closely.

The instrument helps in analyzing

• Symptoms of cataract

• Pupil reflexes

• Retina

• Optic nerves, etc.

The doctors also take an eye test by asking the patients to read certain letters printed on a chart to analyze the eyesight of the patient. Nowadays doctors also use photography tests of the eye to analyze the patient’s eye more minutely to give proper medications.

Types of Vision Tests

Here are a few common vision tests that a patient needs to undergo during an eye test:

1. Color vision test: Color vision test is primarily done to understand the patient’s ability to differentiate colors. The color screening is a regular part of the eye test and examines the color perception of the patient.

2. Visual Acuity test: This test is conducted to find out vision-related problems or to monitor any previous eyesight disorders.

3. Retinoscopy: Retinoscopy test is conducted when the patient is already having an eyeglass prescription and wants to know the type and power of the eyeglass to be worn.

4. Visual field test: This test is conducted to examine the peripheral vision. You can visit an eye doctor in Colorado Springs to get checked for any blind spots, optical nerve issues, tumors or any other eye related diseases that may have started showing signs in your eyes.

5. Refraction test: This refraction test is conducted to find out whether the lens the patient is using is correct or not. The power may increase, and it is necessary to take this test in order to have the right eyeglasses. This test is also beneficial in analyzing the level of eyesight problems such as myopia, hypermetropia, astigmatism and presbyopia.

Eyewear and Contact lenses-

After undergoing these tests, an optician will be there to assist you to get the right type of glasses and lenses according to the level of the vision disorders that you may have attained. Wearing the right power glasses helps you to have proper eyesight. But make sure once you do this, you stick to regular check-ups in order to maintain proper eye health for the windows of your soul.

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