When Is Cataract Surgery Necessary?

Once you are diagnosed having cataracts does not makes it mandatory that the surgical procedure is required immediately. When cataract is in very early stage, a surgery cannot modify your eyesight noticeably whereas use of prescribed glasses can bring necessary improvement. Period in-between, your cataract continues to get matured in due course, however, the duration if growth typically varies between patients. During this time, you require necessary care by cataract surgery in Colorado Springs, which must not be neglected to stay away from major vision loss.

The Change in Procedural Outlook

Old Ideas

Prior to 1990, people with cataract were recommended by ophthalmologists to wait until their cataracts become ripened or hardened. During that phase, cataract surgery involved removal of rather ripened form of cataract through relatively large incision on the eyeball and in effectiveness of the procedure; the solidity of cataract’s growth was a major concern.

New Approach

With the radical change in concept, procedure of replacing the blur lens, or minimal cataract can be even removed by suctioning process even in small parts. Thus, today’s surgery no more in need of cataract to be ripened. Instead, suction of small pieces is better than removal of the chunky piece of hardened lens.

With the scope or anytime surgery, however, in practical, the time of surgery needed is determined taking into account how the cataract affects one’s visual ability and not how much it has been ripen.

Recommendation of Cataract Surgery

As per the experts of cataract surgery and eye doctor in Colorado Springs that unless and until your cataract is not disturbing you to perform your normal daily activities being a hindrance you can wait as per recommendation of a specialized ophthalmologist. To help you out to settle on the right time of having the surgery The American Academy of Ophthalmology suggests victims to find answer of the following four questions.

 If it’s started affecting your occupational life?

Symptoms are blurry, dim, or double hazy vision in one or both eyes. You can understand the affect well since you require clear vision for doing your paper works, reading, and writing, cooking as well, while driving;

 If it’s started disturbing you from safe driving at night?

The steady growth of cataract mostly cause you view radiance around street lights, headlights of other vehicles. The difficulty seeing make you feel disturbing to drive safely at night.

 If it’s started impeding you from enjoying your outdoors?

Cataracts typically develop sensitivity to glower things making it bothersome to enjoy outdoor activities like kayaking, surfing, or skiing. Visual disparities among eyes can make it difficult to gauge distance and can lead to accident.

 Can you manage your activities further with cataract in a given phase?

While there is no second option of surgery to get rid of cataract, you can postpone the same if suggested by cataract surgery.

Until you find your answer to all the above questions is ‘No’, you can wait for a cataract surgery under supervision of cataract surgery. However, as you start feeling problem, surgery should not be delayed anymore.
Even though, with newest surgical techniques physicians can undergo the surgery any time once detected, however, the practical experience shows that in many individuals the growth rate of cataract is found quite slow or even stop after a certain stage. The minimum blur of vision can be supported by required eyeglasses, changing power or through routine management.


Your ophthalmologist can delay surgery under certain eye conditional circumstances such as glaucoma, diabetes, or age-related macular degeneration, which entirely depends on the situation and understanding of expert at cataract surgery in Colorado Springs.

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