Five Reasons why American Ginseng is Good for Your Health

American ginseng is a potent herb with various health benefits. It is cultivated in North America (mainly Wisconsin) and used all across the world as an herbal supplement. Regular use of American ginseng can help boost both physical and mental health. It can be used in dried form or ingested as an extract.

It has been medically used since ancient times when ginseng was only available in the wild. It is considered such as powerful herb that many clinical studies have been conducted to test its efficacy for diabetes, cancer, and other conditions.

Here are five reasons why American ginseng is good for your health.

Provides Protection from Infections

Drinking tea made from American ginseng can help keep flu and cold infections at bay. During a flu bout, use of this powerful herb can help improve the symptoms. It is also useful in providing relief from respiratory infections. Those who are prone to cold infections can take American ginseng supplements to improve their body’s responses to viruses. It can also be useful to use during intestinal infections such as dysentery.

American ginseng can boost the functions of the immune system by increasing the numbers of white blood cells in your blood. Polysaccharides in American ginseng can have a helpful effect on the immune system.

Strengthens Brain Functions

American ginseng is an excellent herb to improve various cognitive functions such as working memory. It can be used to keep your memory robust as you age. Use of this herb can be helpful in improving memory in people who have Alzheimer’s disease. It is also helpful in managing deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) symptoms.

American ginseng can also reduce mental stress and fatigue if used regularly. It can also elevate mood. It can make you more alert and provide benefits for your overall mental health. Use of American ginseng can relax the mind and alleviate anxiety.

Inhibits Cancer Growth

Use of American ginseng has been found helpful in inhibiting tumor and cancer growths. The herb contains properties that can slow or stop tumors from developing. It is especially helpful in inhibiting and treating colorectal cancer. If you have a family history of breast cancer, regular intake of American ginseng can reduce your chances of getting the disease.

Improves Diabetes Symptoms

American ginseng contains properties that provide relief from diabetes symptoms. It can help people with diabetes lower the levels of elevated blood sugar. It is also useful for diabetes weight management. It can also be beneficial for promoting better insulin sensitivity.

It contains ginsenosides, a chemical that is helpful in lowering blood sugar levels and regulating insulin. People who have diabetes also need to regulate their carbohydrate intake. Excessive carbohydrate consumption during a meal can spike their blood sugar. But American ginseng can help to increase tolerance for carbohydrate consumption. Its intake before a sugary drink can also minimize the risks of elevated blood sugar.

Boosts Energy

Regular intake of American ginseng can boost your physical energy. People with anemia can experience physical and mental fatigue due to low iron in their blood. American ginseng can improve anemia symptoms and boost the energy levels. People with chronic fatigue syndrome can benefit a great deal by using American ginseng.

It acts as an anti-stress tonic. American ginseng works on strengthening the neurons and can also relieve nervous exhaustion. It is rich in antioxidants. So, it can delay signs of aging too. Aging affects both physical strength and mental faculties. With regular intake of American ginseng, you can keep your overall energy levels high. It can also improve athletic function.

Another way American ginseng can help boost energy levels is by reducing inflammation. Chronic inflammation can slow body’s processes and cause fatigue.

In Conclusion

American ginseng is beneficial to use for many other conditions as well. It is used for treating erectile dysfunction, hypertension, insomnia, and rheumatoid arthritis. If you experience frequent headaches and dizziness, American ginseng supplement can help you provide some relief. Its use can alleviate menopause symptoms to quite an extent.

Herbs can interact with certain drugs. So, if you are on medications, consult with your doctor before starting regular intake of American ginseng.

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