Step by Step Guide to Find a Good Invisalign Provider

Invisalign in McLean is a type of orthodontic treatment to straighten treatment and make your smile beautiful. Due to the rising popularity of Invisalign treatment, many doctors have jumped onboard. There is a meaningful difference between an orthodontist who has mastered the ways to approach any case with Invisalign and an orthodontist who has not completed the associated learning curve. To make things easy for you, we have shared a step by step guide to find a good Invisalign provider.

How Much Experience Orthodontist Has?

You need an experienced orthodontist to get most out of your Invisalign treatment in McLean. Check the tier level on the Invisalign provider page. There are different tiers related to Invisalign treatment

· Preferred provider – treats at least 10 cases of Invisalign every year

· Premier – has treated more than 50 Invisalign in total and performs 25 Invisalign cases every month

· Elite Provider – treats 50 cases every month and has performed 300 Invisalign cases in total

· Top 1% provider – has performed 800 cases in total and treats 200 cases per year.

This is only an example of tier levels that can be used as a reference to understand the tier level. In some orthodontic clinics, the tier levels could be Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum. There are a lot of nuances in Invisalign treatment protocol and your orthodontist experience plays a big role in creating healthier and straight smiles.

Does the Orthodontist Use a Digital Scanner?

Just like experience, the equipment used in Invisalign treatment is equally important. When you are getting Invisalign trays fitted, you have two options – impressions or scan. The digital scans are more accurate and faster than impressions. Another reason to use a scan is the turn-around-time, comfort, and accuracy of fit.

A digital scanner allows the orthodontist to submit your scan digitally. Besides the initial digital scan, the digital scanner also allows 3D simulations that will help you visualize how your smile will look after treatment.

The digital scanner also allows orthodontists to compare different plans of the treatment for the future. This allows for treatment assessments at the early stages. With the digital scanner, an orthodontist can show the way your teeth meet when the upper jaw and lower jaw come together. Knowledge is power in dentistry and a digital scanner acts as a gateway to knowledge regarding your case.

Is the Orthodontist Board Certified?

Do you know that most orthodontists aren’t board-certified? According to the latest American Board of Orthodontics, only 33% of orthodontists are board-certified. Though board certification is not necessary to practice orthodontics, the certification is a kind of assurance of quality.

A board-certified orthodontist would have proven results that have been determined to be the highest quality by the American Board of Orthodontics.

Does the Treatment Plan and Cost Include Refinements?

The refinement process involves a revised examination and prescription after the first course of aligners are completed. The treatment for Invisalign McLean is performed in stages. After every stage of the treatment, the orthodontist takes a new digital scan and decides additional treatment and planning.

It is very rare to get a 100% result in the first Invisalign plan. The refinement is a critical quality control step. It gives the opportunity of taking the results from good to great. Many orthodontists do not offer refinements or charge separately for it. Hence, you need to ascertain whether the refinements are included in the treatment plan and cost.

Check the Results

Not all orthodontists are the same and their skill level can be different. It is always a good idea to check “Before” and “After” photos of the Invisalign treatment. Many reputed orthodontists proudly display these images on their website. You can check the section to see the results and get an idea about the expertise of the orthodontist.

Ask the Right Questions

If you don’t find any information you are seeking, you can ask the orthodontist the right questions about the treatment and experience. A right orthodontist would try answering all questions related to Invisalign treatment and his/her experience.

So do you have any questions about the treatment of Invisalign in McLean?

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