Is Traditional Chinese Medicine Better Than Modern Western Medicine?

Traditional Chinese Medicine

TCM is the common name given for Traditional Chinese Medicine, and this treatment technique has already captured the attention of the population across the globe. The present knowledge about the growth of TCM is that the method originated in China, thousands of years before. The base of TCM is the primeval philosophy of Taoism. Ever since its evolution, people have accepted and practiced the same for getting relief from the various mental and physical problems that are par for the course of human life. As far as the treatment processes are concerned, practitioners of TCM use numerous herbal medicines and techniques such as acupuncture, and tai chi.

This curative method is very popular in the USA, just like many other countries. However, people generally go for this curative method just as a ‘supplementary’ or ‘complementary health approach. In general, acupuncture is safe, when a qualified, licensed, and experienced practitioner performs it. The needles must be sterile,’ or else, there will be the possibility of infection. These are the main points that one must make sure before starting any type of traditional Chinese medical treatment. Remember, if one tries to have greenhorn methods of acupuncture, then that will not yield any positive results and will have subsequent serious bad effects.

Modern Western Medicine

Modern medicine refers to the present system of medication, in which a qualified and trained professional health-team takes care of the process of therapy. The team comprises of physicians, surgeons, pharmacists, nurses, and they will have the assistance of varied, sophisticated medical machinery, which makes the process easy. The treatment process varies in line with the seriousness of the disease and the physical condition of the patient. For example, if the patient is very old or does not possess the body strength for undergoing surgery, doctors will hesitate to go for surgical procedures. In general, the treatment method in modern medicine is using varied types and strengths of drugs, injections, vaccinations, and surgeries. Having said that, this treatment method is an ever-increasing one, as the base of the same is the scientific and technological development. Hence, in accordance with the advent of newer technological know-how, there will be changes in the diagnosis and treatment methods. Besides, the expansion that will come to pass in the technological field will pay the way for novel types of medication machinery. This medication system has various other names also such as mainstream medicine, allopathic medicine, conventional medicine, western medicine, etc.

Is Traditional Chinese Medicine Better Than Modern Western Medicine?

The prime thing is to note is that TCM is no way a replacement to the modern western medicine. As said earlier, it is just a supplementary form of treatment method, which will enhance the probability of getting positive results. However, there is no point in denying the fact that many people choose this method also, side by side to the existing modern medicinal treatments. Hence, the question of comparing TCM with the modern, sophisticated medical system does not arise at all. Besides, there is another point to note. Some of the drugs used in the TCM may cause side effects due to the interaction with modern medicines.

For this reason, it is always sensible to consult your physician before starting any TCM methods. If you are already taking some of the drugs prescribed by your traditional Chinese medicine consultant, you must divulge all the details to the doctor who is attending your case. This is very important, and only then the physician concerned will be able to take care of your case effectively.

Nevertheless, there are two types of medical practices that the TCM practitioners follow, which are normally safe, the Tai Chi, and qi gong. These two are the mind and body practices and are special physical arrangements comprising of specifically created body postures and body movements. During this process, there will be synchronization of breathing and utmost mental concentration. To sum up, it is always advisable to consult the modern medical physician before taking TCM.

Traditional Chinese Medicine in Houston

To locate the best Traditional Chinese medicine in Houston, the best method is to search through Google. Though you can find numerous providers, it is sensible to contact a health clinic, managed by qualified and experienced professionals.

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