Mold Remediation will Protect Your Property and Your Health

mold remediation

Spring can be the most amazing time of year as trees begin to green and flowers begin to bloom. The rain begins to fall and clears the dirt and grime from the winter. People are out walking in the rain or watching the thunderstorms from the garage or balcony. But there is another side to spring, and this is the sudden torrents of rain, the flooding of rivers from the ice melting, and the tornados and hurricanes that come this time of year. Water gushing through the streets and over your lawn and towards your home. Your sump pump is designed to keep the water away from the home, but there are times when there is too much and water gets into the house causing a flood. When the pipes in your home freeze and thaw, they can break and flood the home from the inside. Water can do a lot of damage, wrecking personal belongings as well as damaging the structure of the home. Water also can soak into walls, ceilings, and floors allowing mold to grow. When mold gets into your home, you need a professional for mold remediation.

What is black mold

Black mold is the most common form of mold that can cause health issues. This particular mold produces a byproduct called mycotoxins. It is this byproduct that breaks down the material in your home, like wood and tiles. This mold requires it to be moist and dark, and this is why it grows well after a flood in the home, but it could be something smaller, like a leak in the pipes behind the wall or a broken eves trough, that causes its appearance. Black mold is a spore and can spread through the air before multiplying and spreading through your home. This mold can cause major health concerns, and if there is mold in your home, you need a professional for mold remediation.
How to tell if you have black mold.

Mold can grow behind the walls and under tiles, and it may not be noticeable until it has spread through your home. There are some common signs to be aware of:

• Discoloration in the walls or floors. When black mold is growing under the surface, it can begin to be seen through walls that appear to be discolored.
• There is dark grout in the tiles or around plumbing. Mold grows quickly and can darken grouts fast.
• There is a damp or musty smell in the home. No matter how much you clean or deodorize your home, the smell will remain.
• You or your loved ones have health concerns, such as sneezing, watery eyes, skin irritation, or headaches.

If you see any of these signs or feel these symptoms, it is time to hire a professional to check your home and perform mold remediation.

What is mold remediation?

Mold is a fungus and a spore, and therefore mold cannot be completely eliminated. This is something that should not be promised. Remediation is a multi-step process to get the mold level back to normal and safe levels. A professional completing mold remediation will complete a comprehensive inspection to determine the mold type and where it is all located (active and dormant spores). Professionals will begin the clean up with specialized chemicals or through the use of heat.

Heat is a safe way to kill the mold, both the visible mold and the spores that are hidden in the cracks of the walls or flooring. It will dry the area out, which is essential because mold needs moisture to grow. Heat can also be used to get rid of the odor of mold. Mold remediation should also include a sanitization phase to try and prevent further out breaks. Professionals can also try to isolate the reason for the mold growth so that it can be repaired. Any items that could not be cleaned and sanitized properly will need to be disposed of properly to prevent health concerns from others. Proper mold remediation will protect your property and your health.

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