Know About Cancer Insurance Plans and Why You Need It?

As human beings, we are vulnerable to multiple catastrophic diseases that make our life a living hell. One such illness is cancer which slowly degrades our life and savings, as the treatment is costly. So, investing in the best cancer insurance plan will serve as a savior when struggling with money.

It will work as financial support when you are dealing with expensive medical bills. It incorporates the hospitalization charges, chemotherapy, surgeries, and so on. That is why investing in it is beneficial in many ways. So, now let us know the characteristics, detailed plans, and the benefits of having cancer insurance plans in your life.

Characteristics of Cancer Insurance Plans

• Go for insurance to obtain cancer coverage from Rs 10 lakhs to 2 crores for your family members or yourself.

• It provides a bonus if you do not claim it in a financial year. It means if you do not use the plan, the company will offer you some bonus amount.

• You can renew it for your entire life and obtain a successive policy renewal facility from it.

• The best cancer insurance plan will provide a stage-based payout facility where a policyholder can get a 25% amount on minor cancer issues and 100% on the primary diagnosis.

• Get various facilities from unexpected hospitalization, ambulance coverage, worldwide second opinion, and many more.

What is included in this plan?

Any reputed insurance company should include the following aspects in their cancer plans.

• Chemotherapy and Radiotherapy

If a person gets diagnosed with cancer, the first thing needed is chemotherapy, as it is the most common cancer treatment method. Besides, radiotherapy is also a crucial procedure for a cancer patient. So, while investing your precious money in an insurance plan, verify whether it covers the above things or not to get a large sum for the treatment.

• Medical expenses

For cancer patients, medical expenses begin even before they get admitted to the hospital. The best insurance offers all the coverage after and before the hospitalization. It covers ICU charges without any limitation. Besides, it incorporates the ambulance fee, organ donor charges, daycare treatment, and many more.

• Renewability

Many insurance policies do not offer a renewal facility after you claim it. But the best insurance plan will give you a lifelong renewability offer so that you can have peace of mind by securing the policy for the lifetime. It serves as a crucial factor when suffering from this deadly illness.

• Health check-up and second opinion

A cancer policyholder will get an annual health check-up facility with the best plan. Additionally, to get an appropriate diagnosis and medical care, get an option of obtaining a second opinion in your nation. Many insurance companies also offer an international second opinion facility.

Benefits of having cancer insurance plans

The cancer insurance plans include the following advantages.

• Affordable plans with multiple features

The most significant advantage of a cancer insurance policy is that it gives an affordable pricing option with multiple features. You will get an annual health check-up facility, doctor on-demand, faster recovery counseling, health bonus, and the list goes on. If you do not demand the money, you will get health credits at every year’s end.

• Family protector

It performs as your family protector because six people can get health advantages from it. So, this is one of the best options for your entire family. With this single policy, you can obtain a handsome amount depending on your premium plan in the end. As a result, you do not have to bother about the financial source if any of your family members suffer from cancer.

• Versatility in coverage

An appropriate cancer insurance policy will cover multiple types of cancer. It means you will get benefits, whether suffering from skin, breasts, pancreas, lungs, or other organ-related cancer.

• Offer convenience

The cancer insurance plans are less expensive than any other standard health protection policy. You can deposit the amount in monthly or quarterly instalments at your convenience. So, it provides convenience if your source of income is not satisfactory.

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