Why You Should Wear a Corset After Pregnancy

Abdominal compression garments are increasingly used by women today in their childbirth recovery regimen. Made from medical grade material, these ‘tummy tucks’ are effective in controlling the enlarged abdomen, while providing adequate support to the back, hip and pelvic area. Corsets, which were popular in bygone days for being effective compression garments, are making a resurgence. Modern day corsets are, however, far improved from their older counterparts. They are designed using medical principles and offer optimal levels of compression and support. Fabrics used on them are of medical grade, and breathable; allowing the skin to perspire and remain irritation free.

Why You Should Wear a Corset After Pregnancy

Wearing corset after pregnancy has a host of benefits. As the mother of a newborn, the features and functions of the corset aid in speedy recovery and healing after childbirth. There are corsets designed specifically for use after normal delivery and cesarean – section. Here is a look at why you should use these abdominal compression garments after your pregnancy.

  • The first and foremost benefit of using corsets is controlling the postpartum belly. The compression provided by these garments keeps the pendulous abdomen in place after pregnancy. It supports the sagging skin and stretched muscles, and helps ensure that they tighten properly over time.
  • During pregnancy, the expanding uterus displaces the internal organs and makes postural changes to the spine. Recovery from these changes after delivery is usually a slow process. Corsets aid this process and offer crucial support which enables the spine and internal organs to go back to their original positions quickly.
  • Normal deliveries are a painful affair; C-sections even more. Women who undergo the latter procedure often have to bear a great deal of pain from the incision. Corsets offer support not only to the abdomen, but also to the hips, back, and pelvic region, making the recovery a less painful affair.
  • Also, these compression garments keep a check on the enlarged tummy coming in contact with the C-section incision. This alleviates pain in the lower abdomen and enables quick healing of the wound.
  • Corsets are useful also to women who experience diastasis recti (en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Diastasis_recti) – the separation of the abdominal muscle by the growing uterus or childbirth. The garments keep the separated muscles in place and help in speedy recovery.
  • The compression offered by corsets helps reduce scar tissue and keeps a check on the pressure exerted on it by the enlarged abdomen. This feature too aids in quick and painless healing after childbirth.
  • Corsets offer compression not just externally but also internally. They help the enlarged uterus regain its original shape and size; a process that takes a longer time in the absence of this garment.
  • Everyday activities after childbirth are often strenuous due to the interference of a bloated and sagging belly. Corsets, by compressing the abdomen, make your movement easier and tasks simpler.
  • The garment also ensures that you maintain that right posture and that you don’t slouch when performing baby care tasks – like changing diapers, bathing the baby or feeding him/her. Maintaining right posture this way soothes the sore muscles, and keeps muscle cramps and back ache at bay.
  • Most women experience swelling after delivery. Corsets, by aiding lymphatic drainage, decrease the risk of fluid collection, and thereby help bring down the swelling experienced after childbirth.
  • Enlargement of fatty cells is a worrisome affair after delivery. Corsets, by compressing abdominal muscles, prevents them from growing further and stops the belly from sagging or getting enlarged.

While the physical benefits may be the most obvious, using postpartum corsets has emotional benefits too. These garments provide an instant solution to the problem of enlarged belly and help the body gain a toned look. This makes mothers of newborn feel more confident and happy. Getting back to your pre-pregnancy shape also improves self – esteem, and lets you step out in public without having to feel embarrassed about a bloated figure.

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