Why Do People Drink Yerba Mate?

A New Nexus of Health & Wellness

The human body is our temple, and we all want to live our best lives in them for as long as we can. But happiness, good health, and longevity do not come for free, nor are they a given. We have to take our well-being into our own hands, with good eating and sleeping habits, physical exercise, health boosting drinks like yerba mate drink, and a wealth of knowledge to help us know what to do.

In recent years, the explosion of knowledge found on the internet and shared on social media has blossomed into a new era of full-health consciousness. Before the instant media revolution, our knowledge came from a few predictable sources: schools, doctors, reading materials, and the word of mouth from the people we knew and trusted. Now we have instant access to networks of collaborating minds sharing knowledge about everything we would have had no idea of before, including health—and the health benefits of things like yerba mate drink.

We are now learning that a great deal of things we have just taken for granted as conventional wisdom have been made obsolete by both scientific discoveries of the human body and shared cross-cultural wisdom. We are learning about the health benefits of foods and drinks we would have never known of otherwise, what nutrients our body needs, and how to boost our physical and mental well-being naturally, and one of these new discoveries quickly rising to prominence because of its overwhelming number of healthful properties is known as yerba mate drink.

What Is Yerba Mate Drink?

Yerba mate drink—sometimes classified as a tea (but this is disputed)—is made from a plant native to the Amazon.It is made by steeping the leaves and twigs of the plant, much like a tea, although the drink contains no tea leaves. It is traditionally popular in Brazil, Paraguay, and Argentina, and its popularity spread to places like Syria and The Levant through emigration. It is traditionally consumed from a hollowed-out gourd.

Prior to institutions of modern medicine, yerba mate drink was used as a medicine to treat a swath of health problems in an all-natural fashion. It is favored because it is non-toxic and has innumerable health benefits with virtually no side effects.Here are some key reasons why people choose to consume yerba mate drink:

Treatment of Several Health Problems

Among the great number of ailments yerba mate drink is used to treat arethings like acute fatigue and chronic fatigue syndrome, blood and heart concerns (like low blood pressure and irregular heartbeat), mood issues (like depression), headache and joint pain, weak bones, urinary tract infections and bladder problems, as a laxative, and for weight loss.

To Boost Nutrition

Yerba mate drink contains a staggering number of beneficial elements. It contains almost every vitamin imaginable: A, C, E, B1, B2, B3 (Niacin), B5, and B Complex. As well, it contains the minerals calcium, manganese, iron, selenium, potassium, magnesium, phosphorus, and zinc. On top of containing all of these body-enriching nutrients, yerba mate drink also has anticancer properties, and it is widely known for helping to combat obesity. Yerba matedrink is very filling, making you want to eat less, and it increases metabolism in those who exercise. By extension, yerba mate drink will also help prevent hypertension, heart disease, liver and kidney disease, and diabetes. Combined with exercise, yerba mate drink will also boost endorphin production, putting you in a more improved mood and state of mind.

To Boost Mental Acuity

If your body is functioning optimally, so will your mind. Yerba mate drink will not only boost your mood, but it can also provide a much-needed pick-me-up without having to resort to energy drinks. Yerba mate drink contains a nominal amount of caffeine, but not nearly as much as is in sugar-rich energy drinks, and it contains several compounds already mentioned that will help boost your body function.

Yerba mate drink also contains the stimulants theobromine and theophylline. Theophylline is typically found in inhalers since it enhances breathing, and theobromine is found in chocolate, one of the elements which gives chocolate its reputation for being a mood-booster. A healthy serving of yerba mate drink will have you feeling less stressed, happier, more focused, less distracted, and more patient.

Where to Buy Yerba Mate Drink?

Now that the word is out about this ancient medicine that has been casually enjoyed by indigenous peoples for hundreds of years, people will no doubt want to enjoy some of its benefits for themselves.

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