Why Athletes Rely on Cold Therapy Units After Their Workouts

Intense workouts on a daily basis are normal for most athletes. But with extreme exercise routines, occurrences of sore muscles (and at times even injuries) are also quite common for them. Cold therapy has been a popular way to heal post-workout muscle soreness experienced by athletes.

Use of cold therapy units is the preferred way to deliver this healing remedy for most athletes.

About Cold Therapy Units

Cold therapy is best delivered through machines. A cold therapy unit is a machine designed precisely for this purpose. It consists of a tank, a pump, a tube, and a healing pad to deliver cold therapy.

Some cold therapy units such as those from IsoComforter are made using the patented Iso Tube technology and consist of self-priming pumps. The healing pads consist of ridges and provide cold therapy from all sides when used on the knee or the shoulders. It can be tied around the back to heal the muscles or the injuries there.

Cold therapy units help with consistent therapy. The machines are easy to use, which leads the patients (or anyone with muscle pain) to use one on a regular basis for maximum benefits.

Athletes need to perform intensive workouts consistently. Regular and heavy workouts will always lead to tired and sore muscles. If the muscles are not sore after intense workouts then the intensity of the exercise could be lacking.

Reasons Athletes use Cold Therapy Units

Speedy recovery –

Cold therapy helps to heal the muscles rather quickly. The freezing temperatures hinder nerve communications, which temporarily stops the blood supply to the affected area. When blood supply to muscles stops, the body begins to reduce the pain in that specific area through its own healing mechanism. So, when the muscles become sore, it helps to use cold therapy to heal them.

Athletes often also experience painful injuries during workouts. Cold therapy often helps them recover from orthopedic pain without resorting to medicines or take a lot of time off their training schedules. Reliance on pain medicines is not something any athlete wishes to experience. But prolonged use of pain medicines can lead to dependency for the user. Now, athletes suffer from frequent injuries. Muscle soreness is like an everyday occurrence for them due to their heavy workout and training schedules. Cold therapy offers them a way to ease their muscle pain using a healing remedy with no side effects.

It is necessary to give time to muscles to heal and recover from workouts. If a person resumes workouts before specific muscles have healed then there is risk for them to sustain injuries. It also lessens the effect of the exercises. So, athletes need to be mindful of taking care of their muscles to maximize the benefits of their training schedule.

Easy to use –

It is easy to use a cold therapy unit when compared with ice packs or ice baths. You can simply fill the machine with ice and water, plug it in, and begin to use it. There are no complicated instructions to follow or use any manual mechanisms to start the machine. There is also no requirement to refill the machine with ice and water very often while it is in use.

With easy usability factors, it is convenient for athletes to use cold therapy units. They don’t need to sit with ice packs on their shoulders or dip their calves in ice buckets. They can sit and relax while a cold therapy machine works to heal their sore muscles or orthopedic pain. Machines like those from IsoComforter are also portable; allowing athletes the ease to use them at their convenience.

Comfortable –

Direct contact with ice or freezing water is certainly not comfortable. When cold therapy is administered through a machine, there is no direct contact with the freezing cold temperature. The cold water runs through the healing pad; offering consistent and optimal healing.

You don’t require holding the ice packs on sore muscles. You don’t need to worry about water dripping from the melting ice packs. It is very comfortable to use cold therapy units especially if they are from reputed brands like IsoComforter.

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