Who are Endodontists and What is Their Role in Dentistry?

In the Greek language ‘Endo’ means inside and ‘odont’ means tooth, and therefore endodontists are referred to as the detailed study of the inside of the tooth. Though all the dentists are taught about endodontic therapy, but there are certain teeth that need special training to be diagnosed and treated. Therefore, one must not be surprised if they are referred by their dentist to the endodontists even for a simple toothache or a swelling of the gums because what may seem a normal pain or regular symptom, might need the specialist’s attention.

The qualification of the endodontists

Endodontics is not different from dentistry; instead, it is the higher knowledge about the physiology, morphology, and pathology of the human dental pulp which is the soft tissue present inside the tooth. Endodontist Springfield VA are the specialists who study endodontics which is the detailed study of the dental pulp, its disease, and their treatment. The endodontists acquire this knowledge during two to three years in addition to their regular four-year dental program. Therefore, all the endodontists are the dentists but not all the dentists are endodontists, and this is why dentists do not perform some complicated dental surgeries and treatments.

What do endodontists do?

The most common treatment which the endodontists perform is the root canal therapy (RCT) which is the treatment to extend the life of the dental pulp and to treat the decaying teeth. In root canal therapy the dental pulp is treated for the elimination of infection from is also decontaminated from further microbial invasions. In addition to RCT endodontists also perform other endodontic treatments, emergency surgeries, and dental implants Springfield.

• RCT: Root canal treatment generally takes 2 to 5 settings depending upon the intensity of the infection or the inflation and the difficulty level of the treatment though once done, RCT has a very high degree of success which is about 90%. RCT is like mummifying the dead tooth in order to preserve it and prevent it from causing damage to the neighboring tooth. An opening is made in the crown to reach the dental pulp, and it is then cleaned of the infection, and the unhealthy pulp is removed from the canal. The opening is then filled with the filling material which is often a clinically approved rubber material and fills the canal completely to contaminate it against the infection. Cap or the temporary filling is then placed at the top of the canal filling to protect the rubber filling from wear and tear during eating and cleaning. The cap can be replaced after some time if required.

• Emergency surgeries: In case injuries happen to the dental structure in the course of some accident or during other dental treatments; the emergency surgery may be required. These are done by the endodontists because of their advanced knowledge. Emergency surgery may include removing some teeth, correcting the displacement of the jawbone, and removing or preserving the upper or lower part of the jaw.

Dental implants: These are done to treat the missing or the damaged teeth. The process involves drilling a titanium screw in the jawbone. These screws act as the root of the artificial teeth. Endodontists in Springfield, VA may perform either of partial or complete dental implant depending upon the condition of the teeth of the patient. Artificial teeth are created after taking digital impression f the bite and are then attached to the titanium screw with the help of the abutment. The teeth prepared by this technique appear and function as the natural teeth without changing facial appearance and improving the quality of smile.

Endodontists and the advanced technology

With the advanced knowledge about the inside of the tooth, endodontists in Springfield, VA are also trained to use every advanced tool and material. It is the expertise of the endodontists that the dental pulp is treated with comfort and maximum ease to the patient. Like the dentists and other doctors are registered and certified by their respective associations, endodontists also have a separate association and are required to register for the authenticity of their credentials.

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