What You Should Know About Using a Discount Drug Card

If you are in need of expensive prescription medications and are struggling to keep up with the cost, there is a way to reduce the payments. With a discount drug card, you can save up to 80% on your medications at over 63,000 participating pharmacies worldwide. It is free and simple to use, and you will not have to give up your privacy.

How does it work?

First of all, all you have to do is download your discount drug card from the internet and then print it off. The next step is to take the card to your local pharmacy and present it to the pharmacist. Once the card information has been inputted by your pharmacist it will remain on your file, and it can be used for any medication you need—including any refills. It is important to remember that the discount prices vary on the prescriptions you need.


You will be able to enjoy your savings and focus on your health, and there is no enrollment necessary and no limit on how much you can use it. There is also no expiration date.  In addition, there are no risks, claims, fees or hidden costs with the discount drug card. Furthermore, it is prohibited by law to obtain or sell any of your personal information (including your name, address, or prescription information). You will not even need to supply your email address, so you can have peace of mind while you save.

Some things to remember

The discount drug card is meant to relieve all users from expensive medications, and is meant to complement health insurance in San Antonio, TX. However, it is not meant to act as medical insurance nor a discount medical program. Even if you do currently have medical insurance, you will notice that you will still get a lower price with the card.  Furthermore, the card program can sometimes count towards a deductible. Not all medical insurance plans are the same, and it is recommended that you check with your health plan to get more information.

Although the discount drug card can benefit all users, if you are a Medicare user then the discount can be used as a Medicare Part D plans supplement. It can cover your drug purchases until you reach the “donut hole”. However, the drugs purchased with the discount program will not count towards your Medicare deductible, so you will not be able to exceed your deductible to get out of the “donut hole”.

Moreover, you can check to see if the discount drug card is honored at your pharmacy. There is a very good chance that your local pharmacy uses the discount card program. There is also a very good chance that the card will cover the medicine that you may need. It covers popular medicines such as Cymbalta and Advair Diskus.

You can find out how much you can save while using the discount drug card with the real time pricing tool on the internet. There are a vast number of integrated health benefits and plans combined with health and wellness programs that are meant to tailor to your needs. It is ready to be used immediately for your convenience to help you maintain your health needs.

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