What is Double Eyelid Surgery?

Double eyelid surgery, also called Asian double fold surgery, is a popular kind of Asian eyelid surgery that is used to create an upper eyelid crease. This crease adds definition to the eyelid contour, can establish an eyelid platform on which makeup can be applied, is considered aesthetically attractive, and helps to refresh your appearance. Many Asian individuals naturally have this eyelid crease, while others do not. Because the features of each eye vary so greatly from person to person, in order to achieve the best double eyelid surgery results possible, it is essential that your surgery is individually planned to address your unique appearance and goals.

Superior Results

To attain the very best results possible, which should be long-lasting and appear natural to your features, it’s important to seek care from the very best physician you can find.

When it comes to something as important as your appearance and the decision to seek cosmetic eyelid surgery, it does not pay to take shortcuts. Unfortunately, it can sometimes be tempting to opt for “shortcut” procedures that are less reliable. The double sutures and twisting “DST” method involves the placement of sutures; and while this can initially seem attractive due to the lower cost and minimally invasive nature of the surgery, the stitches eventually fail and revisional surgery becomes needed.

On the other hand, double eyelid surgery can be carefully designed for lasting results that look natural for you, using a nonaggressive approach that preserves your eyelid tissue and enhances the natural shape and definition of your eyelid contour. As with other eyelid surgeries, the key to obtaining the best outcome is in understanding that every eyelid is unique, and therefor every surgery should also be unique.

The Best Surgeon

When you are looking for the right eyelid surgeon for your double fold surgery, consider his or her level of experience, specializations, and proven results. Seek help from an oculoplastic surgeon rather than a generalist. He or she should further specialize in Asian eyelid surgery, and their examples of unretouched before-and-after photos should demonstrate competence, skill, and experience.

To learn more about how double fold surgery can help improve your appearance, schedule a consultation with a cosmetic surgeon who specializes in Asian eyelid surgery. Your doctor should understand that every eye is unique, treat you as an individual, and take time to listen and talk with you in depth. Together, you can develop a treatment strategy that is just right for you.

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