The Specific Benefits of Using Tanning Bed Lotion

With summer quickly approaching, the need to get a base tan for your summer beach bod is growing, or maybe you are just looking for a healthy glow and boost of confidence. Using a tanning bed, however, can sometimes be uncomfortable, especially if you haven’t prepared properly. The number one way to prepare for an indoor tanning bed session is with tanning bed lotion. There are several benefits for using tanning bed lotion, from helping to protect your skin, to getting better results in a more timely fashion. Here are the many specific benefits of using tanning bed lotion for your next and all future indoor tanning bed session.

Protecting Your Skin from Drying Out

One of the top benefits of using tanning bed lotion is the fact that many of them include a moisturizer of some form. When you are in an indoor tanning bed, you are surrounded with lights, and those lights can get hot on your skin, causing it to dry out. Your skin drying out, often results in your tanning session taking longer as well, which causes more drying out. Dried out skin can often have an ashy look to it, while also feeling rough, unhealthy and dull. If you are looking to protect your skin while keeping it smooth, and having a healthy glow after the session, then using a tanning bed lotion is your best bet.

Getting More Even Tanning

Indoor tanning beds can sometimes give you less than ideal results if you haven’t prepared your skin properly. Parts of your skin may dry out at different rates, and dry skin reacts differently to UV light than moisturized skin. That means, the use of a tanning bed lotion, especially with moisturizers can give you a more even tanning all around your body. Just remember that to be effective at giving an even tan, you need to properly apply the tanning lotion evenly all over your body, otherwise you will end up with patches of your body that are a different tan color.

Nourishing Nutrients

Something many people may overlook when choosing a tanning bed lotion is the nutrients that have been included in them to help your skin stay healthy. You may want to look for a tanning bed lotion that includes nutrients like vitamins or skin firming compounds that will keep your skin healthy and looking young.

Getting Relief from a Hot Tanning Bed Session

An indoor tanning bed session isn’t always the most comfortable experience you can have. Because of the hot lights, your skin is going to dry out rather quickly, which then ends up slowing down your tanning process resulting in longer sessions for the same results. With the use of tanning bed lotion, you can ensure that your session is going to be a much more enjoyable and comfortable one. If you aren’t a fan of the heat of the lamps, you can choose a cooling lotion specifically to keep you feeling cool. You should also be looking for one that has a good moisturizer in it so that you can avoid your skin drying out as much as possible. You can even choose to get a tingling lotion for a nice relaxing feeling across your skin while you are tanning; although the amount of tingling is different from person to person, and lotion to lotion.

Shorter Tanning Sessions

Tanning bed lotion can also help reduce your tanning session lengths for reaching the amount of color that you want. Without a tanning bed lotion, your skin is going to dry out quicker, making it react to the UV light more slowly, causing you to get less of a tan by the end of your session. So, with the use of a tanning bed lotion, especially after you have your base tan, you can spend less time on the table to maintain the color of tan that you want.

Using Tanning Bed Lotion for Better Results

When it comes to getting a base tan, or deepening a tan you already have, using tanning bed lotion is your best bet for getting better results. Not only does it make your session much more comfortable and relaxing, but it also ensures a much more even tan, and even a deeper one in fewer sessions.

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