Recover Fast from Back Surgery with Cold Therapy

Cold therapy involves using ice or the cold temperature over the surgery or injury site to speed up the recovery process. Cold therapy is a safe method to aid healing post orthopedic surgeries. Conventional methods of cold therapy include using ice packs or frozen pea bags over the injuries or wounds. While the cold temperature can provide some relief, such methods are not very effective. If you want to use cold therapy after your back surgery; a better way is to use a cold therapy machine.

Use of ice packs is also not very safe for surgical wounds. The melting ice can seep into the wound and increase your chances of infections. There are no such risks if you use an ice machine for knee, back, or other surgical wounds.

Cold Therapy and Back Surgery

There are several benefits of using cold therapy after a back surgery.

Medication is one way to manage pain from injuries and surgical wounds. But it is not preferable for long-term use. Excessive use of pain medication or over a long period of time can lead to its dependency, which can be very harmful. Cold therapy can provide fast relief from pain and negate the use of pain medicines for long or at least reduce the need for its use.

Cold therapy helps to reduce and control swelling post the surgery. When recovering from a back surgery, it is important to keep the swelling to a minimum. Swelling can not only increase the pain but also your discomfort. Swelling can also hinder with your recovery. When it comes to orthopedic surgeries, any problem with the recovery can cause complications such as recurring pain.

Cold therapy can speed up your recovery after a back surgery. Back surgeries require great post-operative care. Without a good rehabilitation program, recovery from a back surgery can be long and tedious. Cold therapy is a part of rehabilitation plan of every major and minor orthopedic procedure including back surgeries.

There are various types of back surgeries such as discectomy, laminectomy, disc replacement, and spinal fusion. Each type of surgery requires specialized post-operative care. Prior to the back surgery, your doctor is likely to explain to you the recovery process and the rehabilitation plan. If you utilize cold therapy or the best personal massager as suggested by your doctor, you can hasten your recovery process to a great extent.

A faster recovery time after the surgery is not only helpful in terms of your health and comfort. But it can also reduce your medical bills by negating the need for extensive physical therapy, doctor visits, or medicines.

Maximizing the Impact of Cold Therapy for Back Surgery Recovery

Not all cold therapy is created equal. Some cold therapy machines such as the ones available from IsoComforter are revolutionary products that provide faster and effective healing in the most impactful way.

To extract maximum benefits from cold therapy, it is crucial that you use it in the right way. IsoComforter cold therapy units are designed using a patented technology to administer cold in the most optimal way. You can use an IsoComforter CryoTech unit without hassles. It is easy to fill with water and use it over the surgical site. You can wrap the pad around your back to receive cold therapy in a comfortable way.

With an easy-to-use cold therapy machine, you don’t necessarily need a caretaker to help you with it. Even if a caretaker or therapist helps you with cold therapy, they don’t need to oversee it all the time. You don’t need to bother with any manual temperature controls or any messy water puddles from melting ice.

When cold therapy is easy to administer, patients are more likely to stick to it. IsoComforter cold therapy units are perfect for recovering after back surgeries as it can be used for long periods of time also without any side effects.

After each session of 30 minutes, you or your caretaker needs to check the condition of the skin for any changes. If you notice any change in color or texture, you need to inform about it to your doctor without delay.

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