Pregnancy Belly Band: Five Reasons You Need to Wear One

Just as there are medical grade garments available for use post childbirth, there are products available for using during pregnancy as well. One among them is the pregnancy belly band that aids women, especially during their second and third trimester. They are available in a wide range of sizes and designs, but provide the basic function of offering mild compression and support to the growing uterus during pregnancy. Here are five important reasons why you need to wear a postpartum belly band:

Pregnancy Belly Band Five Reasons You Need to Wear One

# 5 – Making everyday activities a breeze

Maternity belly bands offer gentle compression that helps support the uterus and abdomen. This in turn reduces the discomfort caused by a growing belly during movement and other physical activity. These compression garments are designed to stretch and can even be worn on top of other garments like jeans, and skirts, and prove useful when the bulging belly does not allow the closure of buttons, hooks or zips. They are also ideal for layering and impart warmth during the cooler months.

# 4 – Reducing pain

Pain, especially in the back and joints, is common during pregnancy. Most women experience lower back pain and pelvic girdle pain during this period. The experience is often frustrating as it causes uneasiness and limits participation in everyday activities. Pregnancy belly bands are designed to alleviate this pain as they provide support to the lower back and baby bump when performing different activities.

This pregnancy wear is equally useful in reducing round ligament pain that occurs as a dull ache or sharp shooting pain during the second trimester. Belly bands also reduce the sharp and excruciating pain experienced in the lower back adjacent to the tailbone. They offer support to this region and stabilize the joint, making movement more comfortable.

# 3 – Correcting posture

The spinal cord and the back undergo postural changes during pregnancy owing to the growing uterus. Belly bands are a great aid in this regard as they offer support to the lower back and torso. This, in turn, prevents increased extension of the lower back, and helps maintain correct posture when moving around, sitting, or lying down.

# 2 – Making workout sessions enjoyable

Mild and light workout and exercise during pregnancy has multiple benefits. It improves muscle tone and endurance, and decreases the incidence of hypertension, depression, and diabetes. Prenatal exercise has a positive impact on the health of both, the expecting mother and the growing fetus. For women who experience discomfort and pain during workouts, belly bands provide support to the muscles; making exercise sessions enjoyable and beneficial.

# 1 – Extending support to postpartum

One of the biggest benefits of belly bands is that they can be worn not only during pregnancy, but even after delivery. Core strength decreases after child birth as muscles and ligaments that were stretched during pregnancy need to heal. Wearing a belly band post childbirth offers additional support to the abdomen, back, and hip muscles. It is also useful for women who have experienced diastasis recti (separation of the abdominal muscles) by physically bringing the abdominal muscles back together.

When using a pregnancy belly band, it is important to ensure that the compression is mild enough and that the belly band isn’t constricting. A very tight belly band can impair circulation and cause negative effects on blood pressure. In some cases, excess compression may lead to heartburn and indigestion. Also, a belly band is best used for not more than two to three hours at a stretch, to prevent over dependency. When beginning to use one, it is advisable to check with the doctor on any possible medical conditions like abnormal blood pressure, which may be affected by the use of a belly band. Also, in case of persistent pain that cannot be eased by a belly band, it is advisable to get the underlying cause diagnosed, so as to avoid complications.

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