Have You Suffered from a Catastrophic Orthopedic Injury?

Suffering an injury as a consequence of someone else’s actions is victimizing enough—but what happens when the injury you sustained during a truck accident has long-term or even permanent effects that actually prevent you from functioning normally throughout your day-to-day life? The last thing you want is to be […]

Cold Therapy – The Natural Pain Reliever

Did you know cold therapy can be one of the greatest natural pain relievers?   The worldwide medical community has used cold therapy for years to help relieve pain and swelling from everything from minor aches and pains, chronic arthritis, joint pain, rotator cuff surgery pain and post-surgical recovery and […]

All About Cardiovascular Diseases (Infographic)

Source: Saint Alphonsus Heart Institute

Why You Should Wear a Corset After Pregnancy

Abdominal compression garments are increasingly used by women today in their childbirth recovery regimen. Made from medical grade material, these ‘tummy tucks’ are effective in controlling the enlarged abdomen, while providing adequate support to the back, hip and pelvic area. Corsets, which were popular in bygone days for being […]

Why Nursing Gowns and Robes Should Be On Your Checklist for Pregnancy and Beyond

Of lately, nursing gowns and robes have become the top preference for most of the pregnant women. Basically, it is due to the comfort that they provide during your pregnancy and even beyond that. Mostly, women prefer buying nursing gowns in the third trimester of pregnancy and continue to […]

Want To Recover From Knee Surgery? Cold Therapy is Your Best Bet!

There are hundreds of thousands of knee surgeries done in the Unites States every year.  Knee problems face not only athletes but most adults at some point in their lives.  The knee is the largest joint of the body and is the most complex.  The knee connects the thigh […]

The Importance of a Postpartum Support Belt after Childbirth

Tummy fat is a major concern of moms post baby birth. In the earlier days a cotton sari was worn tightly around the tummy covering the midriff area. This helped in giving support to the abdominal muscles. When you are pregnant, your body, especially the stomach area opens up so

Recovering Quickly After a Knee Injury

There are many causes of knee injuries. Poor training, inadequate warm-up, wear and tear over the years, and lack of conditioning can all contribute to injuries. Here are a few tips to a quick recovery. Sometimes a knee injury can just heal on its own by just resting it, but

Patient Engagement Solutions for Healthcare Providers

Patient engagement is increasingly becoming one of the foremost areas of concern for most modern healthcare providers. Thanks to the consistent rise in technical standard of healthcare and emerging high tech solutions for informing as well as engaging patients in their day to day management of treatment and care, […]

The Benefits of Eyelid Surgery

Because we communicate so much through our eyes, eyelid surgery is one of the most powerful ways you can improve your facial appearance. There are many specialized types of eyelid surgery and just as many reasons to seek surgery, including both medical and cosmetic reasons. Eyelid surgery has the […]

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