Natural Hair Loss Treatments – Is it Really a Safer Solution?

Hair loss (to any degree) can be really distressing for anyone experiencing it. Thinning hair or bald patches on the head can affect peoples’ confidence. It can affect their personal and professional lives. Though surgical options for restoring hair have been around for a long time now; there are side effects to these treatments. So, are natural hair loss treatments safer?

But first, what are natural hair loss treatments?

Natural Hair Loss Treatments

Natural treatments for hair loss entail options without surgeries or medicines.

In the recent years, treatments like scalp micropigmentation and hair density have emerged as safer options to restore the hairline, treat thinning hair, or to fill bald patches.

Scalp micropigmentation is the use of pigments on the scalp to create the illusion of hair. The colors are injected into the skin using a thin needle. Scalp micropigmentation in NJ can produce excellent results as it is tailored for a person’s unique needs.

Hair density involves use of pigments to fill the scalp areas with thinning hair. The treatment works by giving an illusion of full head of hair without any surgery. The effect is completey natural and really works as an effective treatment for hair loss for both women and men.

Natural Hair Loss Treatments – Are they Safe?

Scalp micropigmentation and hair density are the only natural hair loss treatments that produce guaranteed results and are also safe.

The pigments used in these two treatments are organic in nature. The process of embedding the pigment onto the scalp is also non-invasive. There is no risk of scarring with both scalp micropigmentation and hair density treatments.

Both surgeries and medicines carry the risk of side effects. Hair transplant can cause infections and scarring. There is also a risk of the treatment not taking effect. Hair transplant involves a grafting technique where hair follicles from one part of the scalp are transferred to the problem areas. There are also instances when the new growth may not occur. With surgery, there are also chances of a person not qualifying for it depending on the lack of viable hair for the transplant. The hair transplant post-surgical period also involves bandages on the scalp and use of antibiotics. It can also take months for the results to show up.

Medicines for resorting hair can also produce a range of side effects such as scalp irritation and hormonal problems. In serious cases, one can also experience sexual dysfunction or rapid heartbeat. Medicines are also not ideal for use in case of pregnancies.

On the other hand, a natural hair loss treatment such as scalp micropigmentation is completely safe. But it is important to ensure that the technicians performing the treatment are highly-trained. The applicator used for infusing the pigment on the scalp consists of a fine needle. It can be akin to getting a tattoo but in a far less painless manner. The process of embedding or transferring the pigments on the scalp for hair restoration is minimally-invasive only.

The results from scalp micropigmentation and hair density are instantaneous. You don’t need to wait for months for the results to appear. You don’t need to take medicines to minimize the risk of infections from the treatment.

There is another safety parameter when it comes to these two natural hair loss treatments. When you opt for scalp micropigmentation or hair density, you can know beforehand the results you will get at the end of the treatment. So, no scary surprises there!

The consultation stage for scalp micropigmentation sets up the framework for the treatment ahead. During the consultation, the hair replication specialist can advise you about the treatment options and the ways scalp micropigmentation can help you. It will help you make an informed choice about the treatment. The same applies to hair density treatments.

Scalp micropigmentation and hair density are very precise hair replication treatments that can help anyone experiencing hair loss. But for best results, it is necessary to customize the treatment for each person undergoing it. It is also very important that only very skilled technicians perform these treatments so that you can actually enjoy the results of these safe natural hair loss treatments.

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