Laser hair removal – Benefits, recovery, and risks.

laser hair removal in pittsburgh

Some among us are blessed with naturally reduced body hair, while some others are heard referring to themselves as ‘bears’ or are seen pointing at their ‘bushes’ on their body. Hair removal remains a mammoth task for the latter. A monthly painful task. Whether it is the traditional waxing and threading, or the domestic tweezing, or the chemical-heavy hair removal creams none can provide a long-term solution to this lifelong problem.

And then enters Laser Hair Removal.

Laser hair removal in Pittsburgh is a sophisticated procedure that uses highly concentrated beams of light for long-term hair removal. That’s right! With this procedure, you can finally bid farewell to monthly painful salon visits.

Laser hair removal in Pittsburgh comes with an irresistible bouquet of benefits.


Each individual has his/her unique hair growth pattern. Dense body hair growth in any region of your body brings with it an array of skin problems. In such cases, hair removal must be precise and targeted, which is satisfactorily attainable with laser hair removal.

Laser hair removal in Pittsburgh offers unmatched precision, removing coarse hair in target areas, without damaging the surrounding skin. Depending on one’s growth, one may target regions of the body such as underarms, jawline, butt, lower face, upper lip, face, sideburns, Brazilian line, and Bikini area + Brazilian line.


Laser hair removal in Pittsburgh can be surprisingly speedy, yet immensely efficient and satisfying. Each pulse of the laser beam treats several hairs at the same time, in a fraction of a second. This way, the laser zaps through an area equivalent to the size of a quarter each second. Smaller areas, such as the upper lip, take less than a minute, while larger areas, such as the back, may take up to sixty minutes. Larger the target area, longer the time taken.

Permanent solution

An average of three to seven sessions results in permanent hair loss for most people undergoing laser hair removal in Pittsburgh. That’s right! A mere three to seven sessions can save a lifetime of pain, inconvenience, and unwanted hair.

One must abstain from plucking and waxing six weeks prior to the laser hair removal treatment in Pittsburgh. One must also avoid exposing oneself to the sun for the same duration. Both, hair removal treatments and sun exposure can make the procedure less effective and complicated.

Laser hair removal in Pittsburgh includes trimming the hair up to a few millimeters before the procedure, numbing the target area with a topical numbing medicine, and finally, receiving the appropriate light pulse. An appropriate laser pulse is one that is matched to the color, thickness, and location of the targeted hair. One’s skin color taken into consideration when selecting the appropriate laser pulse. Post-procedure, one may receive ice packs or anti-inflammatory lotions to reduce the discomfort.

Recovering from a Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh.

The recovery is usually swift and pain-free. In case one feels or looks sunburned, cool compresses and moisturizers are recommended. For those wanting to apply makeup the next day, that’s possible too. Applying sunscreen for the next one month is highly recommended in order to protect oneself from sun damage or changes in skin color.

Additionally, avoiding using the gyms, saunas, and hot showers for the next day is also highly recommended in order to allow complete recovery from external heat.

Risks associated with Laser Hair Removal in Pittsburgh.

Usually, laser hair removal is a safe procedure with a fairly limited number of associated risks. Pain in the treated area and look or feel of a sunburn are commonly associated risks. Some may also witness temporary swelling or redness. Although rare, blisters and permanent scarring are possible risks for people with darker complexions.

When getting your laser hair removal in Pittsburgh, your salon would be the best pit stop for all your questions.

Getting a laser hair removal in Pittsburgh is a convenient, cost-effective, pain-free, long-term, and logical solution to the lifetime problem of unwanted hair. With unmatched precision, speed, and permanence, laser hair removal becomes the obvious choice when thinking about the perfect solution to unwanted hair.

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