Information on Advanced Diabetes Treatment Centers

Regardless of you’re a victim of low or high blood sugar and detected to be diabetic, both levels keep you at higher risks. While low blood sugar can cause instant critical situations, persistent high-sugar level may grossly affect your visual strength to damaging of nerves system, kidneys, circulatory system, and other body organs.

The Fact File

In the recent times, The U.S. Preventive Services Task Force recommended that Americans above their mid 40’s should undergo screening for diabetes-type 2 and pre-diabetes, the most common form of diabetic conditions found worldwide. As per National Institute of Health, it is above 65% of Americans die from stroke, kidney damage, or cardiac issues while all pregnant women having diabetes carry extremely high risk to deliver babies with various birth defects.

With so many risk factors, however, being diabetic you can enjoy a long healthy life tuning with the diabetic education programs, regular health check-up, and healthy lifestyle as guided by diabetes center in Port Charlotte.

A Way to Manage Diabetes with Diabetes Center in Port Charlotte

No matter, whether you’re reported to have diabetes-1, diabetes-2 or pre-diabetes, remember that diabetes is a chronic problem which requires thorough management. While there is no solo cause of diabetes; once detected, you require administering all those factors that are within your reach. Outfitted with highly knowledgeable, insightful internist specialists in Endocrinology, educators and dietitians, specialized diabetes management centers let you know the key formulae to live healthy with diabetes.

Things That You Are Educated in

  • Ways to Maintain Healthy Lifestyle
  • Prevention of Diabetes Problems
  • Things to Follow for Comprehensive Diabetes Care

Manage ABCs of Diabetes

Being a diabetes victim, knowing ABCs of the problem help keep control on diabetes

  • A stands for A1C Test

A1c test is nothing but maintaining records of your blood sugar level for every quarter which is evaluated by your doctor. The whole idea is to uphold the glucose level at the level of less than 7. Crossing the desired level has all possibility to damage your blood vessels, heart, kidneys, eyes, and feet.

  • B stands for Blood Pressure

The goal for individuals with diabetes is restricted to 130/80. High BP makes the heart work untiringly which leads to stroke, heart attack, or renal failure.

  • C stands for Cholesterol

LDL identified as the ‘bad’ cholesterol block your blood capillaries causing sudden stroke or heart attack. You will be guided the path to keep up LDL below 100. On the contrary, HDL, the ‘healthy’ cholesterol helps eliminate closing from vessels should be maintained below 40 for men and 50 for women.

You Are Taught Toward Self Care Plan

The health care team will guide you to develop a comprehensive food plan ideally designed for diabetic patients. The diet plan can be further customized by specialist dietitians.

  • Always go for healthy foods like vegetables, fresh fruits, fish, chicken, lean meats apart from dry peas, whole grains foods, low-fat milk and cheese.
  • Foods should be taken baked, grilled with less salt and oil mix.
  • Fiber-rich foods like whole-grain breads, cereals, pasta, crackers, and rice are ideal

Maintain Healthy Weight  

  • A 30-60 minutes physical activity session on daily basis is essential.
  • To lessen stress, undergo deep breathing or meditation session for 10 min at night. Stress lifts blood sugar and leads to obesity. You will be guided to cope with stress.
  • Consumption of alcohol, tobacco in any form is restricted.

Undergo Routine Checkup and Self-care

  • Never skip medicines prescribed by diabetes center in Port Charlotte. (If you need aspirin to prevent heart attack, please inform the management group.
  • Make sure you talk to doctors on finding red spots, swelling, cuts, and sore of feet.
  • Check blood sugar, pressure, and cholesterol level on daily basis, record them in logbook and always bring to the support team for necessary evaluation.
  • If you experience blur vision take doctor’s advice.
  • Have sound sleep.


Effective management of diabetes is no difficult if you are intended to work in conjunction with physicians of diabetes center in Port Charlotte wholeheartedly and entirely for the lifetime.

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