How to Use Tanning Bed Lotion for Outdoor Tanning

best tanning lotion for tanning bed

How to Use Tanning Bed Lotion for Outdoor Tanning

If you want to try tanning outdoors, but only have indoor tanning bed lotion, no worries! Even the best tanning lotion for tanning beds can be used outdoors, as long as you keep several important things in mind. In this blog, we will talk about the different types of tanning lotions, the differences between indoor and outdoor tanning lotions, as well as what you need to do to safely get a great outdoor tan with tanning bed lotion!

The Different Types of Tanning Lotions

In general, when it comes to the best tanning lotion for tanning bed and outdoor tanning alike, you have several options.

• Tanning Lotion

• Bronzer

• Tingle

Tanning Lotions

If you just want to get a good and basic tan, then regular tanning lotions are the best choice for you. They accelerate the tanning process and are generally recommended for anyone just getting into tanning. So, whatever your background with tanning is, regular tanning lotions may always be the best tanning lotion for tanning beds and outdoor tanning as well!

• Bronzers – With bronzers, things become a bit more serious. By causing a chemical reaction between DHA chemicals in the lotion and your skin cells, bronzers significantly darken the outer layer of skin, producing a long lasting and noticeable tan.

• Tinglers – Compared to regular tanning lotions and even bronzers, tinglers are quite a bit more intense. Tingle lotions help you get a darker and deeper tan by bringing blood cells closer to the skin so that the tan can take greater effect. In the process, though, tinglers can cause a potentially painful tingling sensation on your skin, so approach these with caution, especially if you are a beginner.

The Difference Between Indoor and Outdoor Tanning Lotions

Now that we’ve discussed the different types of tanning lotions, let’s discuss the difference between indoor and outdoor tanning lotions!

Ultimately, the biggest different between the best tanning lotion for tanning beds and the best tanning lotion for outdoor tanning is sunscreen. To explain, while most outdoor-specific tanning lotions have sunscreen in them already, almost all indoor tanning bed lotions do not. So, even if you buy the best tanning lotion for tanning beds available on the market, it may not be a perfect choice for outdoor tanning, at least not right out of the box.

Without sunscreen, your skin may be seriously damaged while tanning outdoors, thanks to the intensity of UVB rays that the sun produces. While this may make you think that indoor tanning is safer, it has since been proven that UVA rays, which tanning beds produce, can cause skin cancer just as much as UVB rays. Therefore, whether you’re tanning indoors or outdoors, it might be a good idea to check whether or not there is sunscreen mixed in with your tanning bed lotion, even if it is the best tanning lotion for tanning beds on the market.

How to Tan Outdoors with Tanning Bed Lotion

If you’re committed to using indoor tanning bed lotion for outdoor tanning, then it’s not the end of the world. In fact, whatever type of tanning bed lotion you enjoy most will still give you a great outdoor tan. There are, however, several things to know before doing so.

  1. Make sure that the tanning bed lotion you use for outdoor tanning has sunscreen in it. If not, you should make sure to apply sunscreen in addition to the tanning lotion. After all, the last thing you want is to damage your skin—or worse—when you could easily protect yourself by simply applying sunscreen too.
  2. Keep in mind that tanning bed lotion, as well as any sunscreen you apply, will need to be reapplied if you enter the water, since they can both easily be washed off. If this happens and you do not reapply them, then you may be damaging your skin without even realizing it.
  3. Finally, it’s also worth mentioning that indoor tanning lotions can appear very shiny on your skin. While this is not a problem for indoor tanning, especially if you have your own private tanning bed, it might look a bit odd in public. Keep that in mind when using even the best tanning lotion for tanning beds for outdoor tanning.

In Conclusion

Well, there you have it. While you can certainly use indoor tanning lotion for outdoor tanning, it’s important to remember to also apply sunscreen, to reapply if you enter the water, and to be aware that it may look shinier on your skin than regular outdoor tanning lotion. If you’re okay with all of that, then there’s no reason not to use your indoor tanning lotion outdoors!

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