Four Things You Didn’t Know About Pediatric Care

How has Pediatric Care evolved?

Pediatrics became a separate branch of modern medicine in the mid- eighteenth century. Pediatrics has continued to evolve in step with the changes seen in the world around us. There have been huge changes in the way children are treated for their maladies, with a wide variety of tools and tests becoming available to doctors in the past few years. Let’s see four ways in which both Gaithersburg pediatrics and families of young children have been benefited greatly.

Lifestyle Care

Pediatricians suggest inculcating an active lifestyle among children right from an early age. The benefits of outdoor play have been found to be much more than previously estimated. Physical activity transforms the muscles of young children and they are able to get the benefits of vigorous running and jumping for a long period of time. Playing outdoors also builds up the immunity of children by exposing them to mild scratches and germs. Both team and individual sports also help children bond and develop mental strength. Regular physical activity lets children stay away from the dangers of a sedentary lifestyle. Your pediatrician will be able to suggest ways in which children can be eased into healthy living.

Eating right is also an important part of child development. Modern diagnostic tests can point out the kind of nutrients that need to be present in the child’s diet on a personalized basis. A well-chosen diet with optimal servings can aid the child’s all-round growth considerably. Healthy eating is also a good habit to be inculcated at a young age. Pediatric care focused on early lifestyle management can set young patients on a good course in life.

Patient Records on the Cloud

While patient records have long been available electronically, the systems often operated on very limiting technical requirements- they would not be accessible for families who didn’t happen to own a computer or without an internet connection at home. The smartphone revolution has put a high-powered computer in every parent’s hand. Pediatric clinics offer detailed mobile apps for parents and guardians to access their child’s records easily. Patient appointments can also be scheduled through the app or desktop patient portals after checking the days and timeslots when the pediatrician of choice is available. This gives lots of autonomy in the scheduling process and families can take up appointments in their spare time rather than setting them up by phone when the clinic is open. The app and portal also has answers to common questions regarding pediatric health. So, a parent does not have to anxiously reach out to the doctor at odd hours if their child shows some odd symptoms. Simple remedies, first aid and cures for common maladies are mentioned in the app. If the child does not show improvement the parent can contact the doctor. The app acts as an extension of the clinic for parents at all times of the day.

More effective medical treatments

Today medical treatments have evolved to include gene therapy and non-medical interventions like the lifestyle changes we discussed earlier. Diseases that could only be controlled by medication are being cured by the advances in gene therapy. Pediatric care has expanded to include these advances in modern medicine. Parents do not have to fear about their child’s future health declining. They can opt for the newest approved procedures and medication as recommended by the physician. Pediatric care providers will also refer the child to more advanced facilities in case of advanced care being needed.

Vaccine Reminders for Busy Parents

Vaccine shots are not to be missed events and parents do try to make sure that children do not miss a single shot in their schedule when growing up. Your pediatric facility often has reminders for vaccine shots, so get in touch with your clinic to sign up for reminders for your child. Reminders can be sent by email, snail mail or delivered through app notifications to parents.

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