Dentures: Pros and Cons

Losing teeth is difficult for everyone, and if there are missing and damaged teeth because of some infection, disease, or accident, then it becomes even difficult. Losing teeth makes it difficult to eat, speak, and even smile. With the advancement in medicine, dentures are the solution to the condition of missing and lost teeth. They are available in different types; removable and fixed. Both these types have partial and full dentures and can be made in different material depending upon the budget and the requirement of the patient. Like any treatment or facility, dentures have both benefits and drawbacks, and given below are some of the pros and cons of using the dentures.

Pros of having dentures

• Dentures in Springfield, VA is the best solution to replace the missing or damaged teeth because they are available in different types; partial and full which can be removable or fixed as per the needs and the requirement of the patients.

• Dentures restore all the functions of the natural teeth. They not only help in improving eating difficulty which is caused by missing or damaged teeth but also improves speech and smile of the person.

• Just like teeth, dentures also decrease the oral bone loss maintaining the natural appearance and smile of the person. This also has an indirect impact on patients by uplifting their self-esteem.

• They restore the natural smile of the person and protect facial muscles from drooping down. They also sit perfectly on the gums and since they are customized dentists can easily correct any discomfort or misfit.

• Dentures are the customized solutions which mean, every patient is taken the size of their natural denture so that a new set may be created exactly similar to their natural teeth in terms of size and shape. This does not change the appearance of the person giving.

• The technology of dentures Springfield VA makes them look more natural than natural. If one get them done from an experienced dental professional, then most of the family and friends cannot even tell at all that the person is using dentures.

• Dentures tend to be least expensive in comparison to other available options to restore the appearance and functionality of natural teeth.

• Sometimes dentures are even better than the natural teeth for those who have misaligned, overcrowded, or broken teeth because all these factors are improved while creating the dentures.

• Also, dentures are made of plastic material and hence have better color and always appeared polished. This also adds another advantage to the appearance.

Cons of having dentures

• Even though dentures are the best solution, yet they are not a permanent solution. Even the implants and the fixed dentures have the limited time span and need to be redone after that period of time.

• Indentures are not cleaned properly and regularly, they may cause bad breath, and other oral infections or diseases.

• Another difficulty with dentures in Springfield, VA is that they are not anchored into the jaw and thus tend to get loose with the time and may need regular refitting. When dentures have a loose grip, they often feel uncontrolled in the mouth while talking and eating leaving patients uncomfortable.

• Despite of regular cleaning the denture smell is of great concern for the patients who use dentures daily. Though people who use them occasionally finds little relief from dental breath.

• Since the arcs of the dentures cover the palate in the mouth, it affects the taste buds and people have reduced the sense of taste and thus eating, and food becomes less enjoyable.

In the present scenario, with different types of dentures available, dentist strongly advise denture to people who have lost their teeth in an unnatural manner and at an early age. Despite of various pros and cons of the dentures, it is always the choice of the patient to opt for the dentures or not.

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