Benefits of Non-Surgical Nose Job

Though surgical rhinoplasty guarantees dramatic improvement in the shape and size of your nose, most people are reluctant to choose this surgical procedure as it involves lengthy recovery, high cost, and possible side effects. Fortunately, for those who are concerned about the shape and size of their nose, the all-new nonsurgical nose job is now possible, negating the need to choose uncomfortable surgical procedures and a long rest.

Non-surgical nose job

The non-surgical nose job revolutionizes the way surgeons perceive the procedure of altering the appearance and functions of the nose. The difference between the procedures involves the use of dermal fillers to change the size and shape of the nose. Small injections of hyaluronic fillers are injected on to the nose to achieve improvements in its shape and size. While several issues can be corrected with dermal fillers, the most common issue that is treated with a non surgical nose job NYC includes correcting small indentions and bumps on the nose, giving an appearance of a straight and perfect nose bridge. This slight correction improves the overall appearance of the face.

Benefits of non-surgical nose job

The non-surgical nose job is known to be the safest and quickest methods of correcting the appearance of the nose. Today it is widely preferred by most of people around the world due to its beneficial features, which are as follows.

No downtime or incisions

While surgical rhinoplasty requires more than two weeks recovering and healing, a non-surgical nose job hardly requires any downtime, which is one of the most significant benefits of this cosmetic procedure. Moreover, the non surgical procedure does not require anesthesia and therefore you can resume your normal routine a few hours after the procedure. Doctors might use a numbing cream for a comfortable procedure for some people. The procedure involves no surgeries and so there are no incisions or scars. Dermal fillers are injected using fine needles, which produces no scars or marks, though there might be a small red dot where the needles have been inserted which will heal within a day or two. Otherwise, the procedure is relatively simple and quick.

Natural and subtle appearance

The procedure involves the use of small amounts of fillers that are injected onto the nose in the right locations. This gives a subtle and natural appearance to the nose. The fillers shape your nose and make it appear symmetrical and straighter. It does not increase or decrease the size of the nose. As it is a non-surgical procedure, the alterations, which can be made with this medical procedure, are limited. It is ideal for people who deal with concerns such as humps and dents on the nose bridge, which can be corrected by dermal fillers.

Easy recovery and few side effects

Another beneficial feature of a non-surgical nose job in NYC is that the recovery process is quick and hassle-free. Some people might experience redness and mild swelling which heals within a day or two. With the non-surgical process, there is no need to miss work and social events, as there is no evidence of a nose job done. As there are no sutures and bandages, there is no downtime required for the procedure. Recovery is quick, painless, and uncomplicated which is among the most highlighted benefits of the non-surgical nose job. The results are immediate and it lasts for more than a year.

Completely reversible

Unlike a permanent nose job, a non-surgical procedure can be completely reversed if you are unhappy with the results. The process can be reversed by injecting an enzyme known as hyaluronidase, which absorbs the filler. Thus, your nose will revert to its original shape and appearance. Nevertheless, the body will absorb the filler within a year and your nose will return to its normal shape. So the process is completely reversible and non-permanent, just perfect for those reluctant to commit for a permanent surgical nose job.

In short, the non-surgical nose job is completely safe, effective, and affordable with minimal side effects. It is considered the best cosmetic procedure to improve the shape and symmetry of the nose.

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