Acupuncture for Fertility – How Does Acupuncture Improve Fertility?

Acupuncture has been used to treat a variety of conditions including infertility since its inception. Now, it is widely recognized as one of the best treatment techniques for boosting fertility. So, if you are planning to undergo fertility acupuncture treatment, then it can help you to know more about the subject.

But first, what exactly is acupuncture?

About Acupuncture

Acupuncture has been around thousands of years. It was developed in China, and it is now practiced all across the world.

It is based on the belief that the body has energy channels running all through it. The life force or qi flows through various energy points and keep the body functioning optimally. When these energy points become blocked due to stress or any problem with the organs, the result is often diseases or health problems.

During acupuncture treatment, needles are inserted into specific energy points to remove blocks. It then helps the qi to move freely in the body and keeps it healthy.

Acupuncture for Fertility

When acupuncture is used to boost fertility, it works on several fronts to treat the reasons that could be causing problems with it.

The treatment –

Your treatment will begin by your practitioner assessing your health and understanding the root of your fertility problem. The success of your treatment depends on the expertise of your acupuncture specialist to a great extent. So, it is important to find the right practitioner for your fertility treatment. For instance, if you want to undergo fertility acupuncture in Houston then look for the best specialist in your city with adequate experience in providing the treatment.

Your specialist will assess your health to understand the cause of your fertility problems. The specialist may ask you question about your lifestyle to know if stress could be causing any health or fertility problems for you. After your complete examination, your specialist will design the ideal acupuncture treatment plan for you.

Often, acupuncture is combined with other treatments such as herbal medicine to boost fertility. Many traditional physicians now also advocate using acupuncture as a complementary treatment alongside conventional fertility treatments. In vitro fertilization (IVF) is one of the most common treatments for fertility. Many doctors now recommend acupuncture treatments to aid the success of IVF.

Hormones and fertility –

Any imbalance with hormones can make it difficult for women to get pregnant. Many women with thyroid imbalances find it very difficult to conceive. Hormones can also cause weight gain, which is again not ideal for women already grappling with fertility issues.

Acupuncture can help balance any irregularity with hormones that could be potentially making it difficult for a woman to get pregnant. Acupuncture also works for men with fertility issues. Men can also experience problems with their sperm production or sexual function due to hormonal problems. These can impact their partners’ chances of getting pregnant.

Uterine health and fertility –

Any problem with the uterus or the ovaries can make it difficult for women to get pregnant. If blood flow to the uterus is inadequate, then it can cause problems with a woman’s fertility. If the uterine lining is not thick enough to sustain an embryo, then pregnancy can become problematic.

Acupuncture can treat imbalances that could be causing problems with a woman’s uterine health. It can improve the functions of the follicle tubes and make the ovaries healthier.

Stress and fertility –

Stress is a major factor that causes problems with fertility. Often, couples undergoing treatments such as IVF are under so much stress that it doesn’t work. Stress can also make it problematic for women to conceive naturally.
Acupuncture can help to alleviate stress in anyone experiencing problems with their fertility.

Other benefits –

Drugs and conventional treatments can carry side effects. But such is not the case with acupuncture. You can safely undergo acupuncture treatments without experiencing weight gain, hormonal problems, nausea, and other side effects common with conventional fertility treatments.

Conventional fertility treatments such as IVF can be expensive. Often, IVF requires multiple rounds of treatments for a successful outcome. Not everyone can afford such costly treatments. Acupuncture treatment sessions are economical in comparison. The actual cost will depend on the experience and the expertise of your acupuncture specialist.

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